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Simon Beal has over 30 years of experience of working as a consultant within the UK Water Industry.


Beal Consultants was established in 2005 by Simon Beal after 20 years experience working as a consultant in the UK Water Industry. Although primarily proving support to water companies the skills developed by Beal Consultants has been applied to other utilities and business sections, including local government.

Please contact us for advice or support in the following key areas:

  • Development of bespoke spreadsheet and database models
  • Development of forecasting tools that incorporate risk and uncertainty
  • Detailed knowledge of UK regulatory framework for the water sector
  • Economic modelling and supply-demand planning for cleanwater and wastewater
  • Independent reviews of water company methodologies
  • Water Resource Planning
  • Outcome Delivery Incentives and KPIs
  • Option appraisal and Cost:Benefit analysis
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Leakage Economics
  • Carbon accounting
  • Risk and uncertainty modeling, including optimisation
  • Charging Policy & Tariffs
  • Capital Maintenance
  • Inflation Indexation
  • Benchmarking regulatory returns

Whatever your requirements, contact Simon to discuss how Beal Consultants can provide you with the support you need.


Beal Consultants

Expert Advice


District Meter Area Characterisation

Leakage continues to be a key measure for water companies, customers and the regulators. Press reports continue to link high leakage with water shortages and Director’s pay. Interruptions also hit the headlines following the extreme weather.

Water companies often consider leakage, bursts and interruptions separately, although they are all intrinsically linked as there is only one network that is leaking, bursting and leading to interruptions. We recommend an approach that integrates multiple KPIs and explanatory factors, and targets activities based on their combined impact.

We have developed DART, a tool thats uses the DMAs as the building blocks to integrate the data to characterise the DMAs. This enables informed decisions to be made as to which DMAs to target and what type of activity to utilise for maximum combined benefit.

Download a copy of Simon's CV here:

Simon Beal CV.pdf
Simon's CV

Capex/Opex Forecasting

Many industries, particularly utilities with long-lived assets such as the water industry, are continually facing the challenge to identify the optimal balance between capital investment and operational expenditure. 


We have developed tools that demonstrate that, investing in capital now can reduce future operating costs and may result in lower long-term costs. 



Leakage Economics

Leakage economics balances the cost of leakage with the benefits of reducing leakage.

Simon has worked within the field of leakage economics for more than 15 years and is a recognised specialist within this field. He has undertaken Economic Level of Leakage studies for UK and overseas water companies, developing best practice guidelines for Regulators and independent reviews of company approaches.


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Independent Reviews

Independent Reviews play a vital part within the UK water business, and serve a variety of purposes that can include a validation of the approach to a full independent assessment for a Regulator.

Simon has underaken independent reviews for internal assurance, external regulators and for competition authorities.